Nursing Home Marketing

Nursing Homes are in great demand. Millions of people require the use of these facilities for both short-term and long-term care. As demand is high, so is competition. A sure-fire way to beat the competition is via nursing home marketing. This involves creating effective strategies and content to boost the visibility of your digital media.

Twinlight Marketing has extensive knowledge of marketing and a proven track record of success. We create tailored strategies including the following aspects:

Boosting Your Google Search Rankings is Key in Nursing Home Marketing

When searching for a nursing home online, Google is the primary tool customers use. We use tried and tested methods ensuring your website appears on the first page of relative Google search terms. This includes geographically targeted searches relating to the location of your facilities. The higher your website is displayed on Google searches, the greater exposure and volume of traffic you receive.

Effective SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This process is vital to ensure your website is readable by search engines like Google and Bing. Our SEO experts use the latest methods like keyword optimization, so your website is visible and has high search rankings.

Improve Web Design

Aside from search rankings and SEO, an effective nursing home marketing strategy is to improve the basic quality and functionality of your website.

A website must be easy to use. It must also have quick loading times, and a simple navigation structure. Furthermore, it must look appealing.

We offer professional website makeovers and improvements as part of our nursing home marketing strategy. Our developers turn your site into an aesthetically pleasing platform that customers navigate quickly to find the information they need.

Written SEO Content in Nursing Home Marketing

An effective SEO strategy includes writing SEO content. Your website content should be useful but also optimized with keywords and key phrases. Our professional copywriters work with you to develop suitable content to boost the overall SEO impact of your written material.

If these nursing home marketing strategies sound appealing, please contact us to discuss your requirements.