PPC & Sales Funnel Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a very powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal when managed correctly. Used incorrectly PPC management can become a waste of time and money.

Twinlight Marketing is highly experienced when it comes to creating effective PPC campaigns and building valuable sales funnels. Our in-house PPC experts will carefully select the best keywords for your sales funnel, we make sure that you avoid broad, vague, inappropriate or similar keywords.

This approach means that each click you pay for is a viable lead and not a waste of your budget. Our approach is to focus on leads, not just the amount of clicks. We take the stress out of Google Adwords management so that you can kick back and watch the results turn into both digital and real-life traffic and clientele.

How does PPC management work?

Much of managing a sales funnel comes down to having the right copy, the ad by itself simply isn’t enough without stellar writing. Twinlight Marketing uses a dedicated team of content developers to create first-class copy that does the job it is meant to. And as part of our PPC management packages, you will receive regular reports that show you how well your sales funnel is performing.

We are sales funnel management gurus and we know that our job is to turn clicks into clients.

Unlike the vast majority of companies, we know that running a PPC campaign on an organic website is poor practice for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly are the technical issues that arise. Bargain basement PPC and sales management companies do this in order to generate misleading results. Results that are then handed in to business owners as if they were achieved by the company.

In contrast, Twinlight Marketing creates then manages separate sales funnels for our clients’ dedicated pay-per-click campaigns. This allows us to clearly monitor and manage the Google Adwords, making sure that all of the needed tracking plug-ins are working without slowing down the website.

Funnels are designed to work in such a way that prospects are swiftly turned into clients. Unlike organic traffic, a business owner much pay each time a user clicks on their funnel. With that in mind, sales funnels should be managed correctly — not too much information and no missing essential information. Visitors should be able to get the info they need immediately and are then more likely to become clients.

Do you need help making sure your PPC campaign and sales funnel management are effective and profitable? Get in touch with us today. As a Google Premier Partner, Twinlight Marketing has the skills and know-how to take your funnel from flat to fantastic.