Medical Marketing

Marketing for healthcare and the medical industry is very different from traditional marketing or advertising. For one thing, practitioners and providers are entrusted with people’s health and wellbeing. And since the services on offer are a far cry from the latest electronic gadget or toy, the marketing efforts need to be, too.

Twinlight Marketing is a dedicated medical marketing agency. We work with healthcare providers and individual practitioners across the nation to boost their advertising efforts and make sure they get the digital exposure they need to compete.

We serve healthcare clients exclusively and our proven strategies help providers gain new clients at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing efforts.

Digital marketing for healthcare

Digital marketing has largely changed the face of the healthcare marketing industry, taking it from staid print adverts to an inclusive and participatory online field. Through the use of search engines, targeted outreach campaigns, leveraging social media networks, and greater use of multi-media content, patient engagement and loyalty has been boosted.

Is your practice missing out because of a weak online footprint?

Do your websites and your social media channels work against you instead of for you?

If so, properly executed medical marketing can help you cut through all the online noise and make sure your practice stands out from the crowd. Here are just a few of the ways Twinlight Marketing leverages online healthcare marketing to get you more patients.

Web search advertising

Make sure your business or practice appears at the very top of the search results page with a targeted web search advertising strategy. One specifically designed to attract local patients who are seeking the specialty you provide.

A people-forward focus

Of course, getting to the first page of Google and having your medical marketing content rank is all well and good, but these achievements mean little if you’re not focusing on users as people first and foremost.

In many ways, you can think of your website and social channels as an extension of your practice. You want to provide in-depth, useful, and relevant information. When people have a good user experience on your platforms, they are more likely to make a booking and become a patient.

Great healthcare marketing turns potential clients into patients through qualified leads. We focus on the results and on the number of converted customers, not just the number of hits your website receives. We know that what really matters is the traffic in your clinic’s carpark, not the traffic on your website.

Google Local Marketing

As part of our medical marketing strategy, we make sure that local searchers can find your practice easily. With proper exposure and a cohesive online presence, potential clients who are local to your area and just a phone call or an enquiry form away from becoming patients.

Comprehensive and cohesive medical marketing

Twinlight Marketing is a full-suite medical marketing agency. Our comprehensive services include website creating and management, medical content marketing, social media channels and YouTube management, Google advertising, and constant analysis of your digital information to see what works and keeps users engaged.

We also make sure your online output is cohesive and does not contradict information you have published elsewhere and that your message is inclusive to all persons.

Digital marketing for the healthcare industry is completely different from marketing in other industries. Make sure that the team you choose has experience working with healthcare providers and practitioners.

Do you want to chat about your medical marketing? Get in touch with Twinlight Marketing and find out how we can help.