Content Marketing

Content marketing is more important than ever. In 1996 Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote a seminal essay titled Content is King. In his essay he noted, “content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.”

Bill’s words hold true today, content is still king, whether your business is soft toys or essential healthcare services. In many ways, words are the currency of the internet. Words draw users to your website and social channels, words engage users, and words turn prospects into patients.

Done well, medical content marketing is a powerful tool in your advertising arsenal. Done poorly, and it can hinder your business, or worse, present inaccurate or irrelevant content to potential clients.

Twinlight Marketing offers a comprehensive range of medical content marketing services from blog posts, creation of major cornerstone service pages, website videos, promo videos and photography. Stand out from the crowd and make sure your digital footprint represents the best of your business with dedicated content marketing.

Search engine optimized content

We make sure that your words count with fully optimized blog posts, landing pages, service pages and social media campaigns. Our content marketing services include keyword research, website structure building, analysis, guest posting analysis and placement in the text.

Our team of writers create original and engaging content for your site four to sixteen times per month. They do this using appropriate keywords to make sure that your potential clients can find the information they need and want to make a booking with your business.

In-house photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this sentiment holds true today. Twinlight Marketing’ dedicated in-house photographers are on hand to capture the perfect image to match the words on your website’s pages.

Our photographers will visit your practice or clinic and get photos to showcase your services. Using specific images over stock photos can really give your business and content marketing efforts a boost.

Skilled content marketing writers

Our team of hand-picked, native English-speaking writers are experienced and university-educated writing professionals. They help us make sure that your content marketing does the job it is designed to do: get users on the page and keep them there.

Photo and video testimonials

Real-life testimonials are the ideal way to up your content marketing game and help convince prospects to become clients. Our videographers and photographers will meet with your past or current patients and help tell their stories to your wider audience.

We also create compelling promotional ads, video advertorials, tutorials, and how-to or explainer videos. Our bespoke offerings mean you can pick and choose from our long list of available services.

In-house designers

Once Twinlight Marketing has compiled your dedicated set of images and the content marketing text to match, our designers put their skills to work. The designers make sure that your content marketing efforts aren’t wasted by ensuring that your site’s pages are clean, clear, and aesthetically pleasing.

Dedicated content marketing services can do wonders for your business. To find out how Twinlight Marketing can help you get the edge over your competitors, get in touch with us today.