Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A hard truth in today’s competitive and fast-paced online market is that Search Engine Optimization matters. Whether you’re selling hotdogs or essential healthcare, having the right keywords in the right place on your website can make a world of difference.

Otherwise known as SEO, search engine optimization is a way of presenting valuable information to potential clients and being search engine friendly so clients can easily find you online.

Twinlight Marketing knows that keywords are important, and how to use them. We help providers and businesses optimize their websites and social channels through Google and Yoast’s own recommended guidelines — never through sneaky, spammy, or questionable means.

Our SEO technical specialists are Google and Yoast certified and, with the help of our writers, photographers and video production, we create readable, engaging, and relevant website landing pages, blog posts, and social media campaigns.

Why search engine optimization matters

Did you know that 95% of people will choose from Google’s first page and never visit the second or third pages? Ranking on Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is important. If your website SEO is in place, Google Local Search will garner the information it needs about your services and display your site to users.

Our team of experienced native English-speaking writers and editors generate monthly content that is based on specific keywords people search for. This is important because when your website answers people’s queries, it is more likely to rank on Google and other search engines.

If you work in the health sector, proper SEO is even more important. When clients need health info, the very first thing they do is log-on and use a search engine. According to the Pew Research Center, actively seeking information online about health is common to all internet users and ages.

Because so many people turn to the web for advice and assistance, the possibility for businesses to reach clients through fine-tuned SEO is strong. Missing out on essential search engine optimization could mean missing out on clients.

If you present well-researched, engaging, and original SEO content. Users will stay on your website and are more likely to become customers. Of course, you also have an opportunity to offer people articles and texts that answer the questions they have, effectively becoming an authoritative source.

The secret to great SEO?

The secret to great SEO… is that there is no secret. Instead, it’s simply a matter of solid technical SEO practices (more on that below) combined with appealing and informative content marketing. After all, getting prospects to your website is one thing but keeping their attention and gaining their trust is another.

Technical SEO

Sometimes technical SEO is overlooked. But it is a very important part of any well-performing website. You can think of it as an audit process, essentially, we work to make sure that there are no issues hindering a site’s search engine indexing and ranking.

In the audit process we solve errors with proper heading usage and fix any internal linking mistakes. We also crawl the site for duplicate content (which can significantly affect a website’s performance) and make sure all proper URL structures are in place.

Another key technical SEO aspect is structured data. Crawlers use a shared language to read data, we ensure this is fully functional and readable on your site so that search engines can properly index it.

Mobile optimization

Did you know that more people access the internet from their smartphone than from a desktop or a laptop computer? Mobile users have increased and Google has responded to the chance with their mobile-first indexing update. In short, this means that if a site is not optimised for mobile devices, it will not perform anywhere near as well as a site that is.

In the past, Google crawled and indexed desktop versions of a site first, now the search engine considers mobile first. Your technical?? SEO could take a real hit if your site is not mobile friendly.

Fast loading speeds

Don’t you hate it when you visit a website and it takes way too long to load? Have you ever left a site because of the delay?

If so, you’re like most users. Slow loading speeds annoy users, making them less likely to select your services. But users aren’t the only entity that dislikes delays, Google and other search engines penalize sites that are too slow.

Twinlight Marketing can help make sure your site is swift, responsive, and a pleasure to use. As a result, your site will be rewarded by crawlers and your search engine optimization efforts boosted.

Website structure is key

Many people don’t realise just how important structure is on a website. In fact, it can hinder otherwise good SEO strategies. Your site’s architecture should offer an excellent user experience and appeal to search engines. Sites with a clean and clear set up are easer for search engines to crawl and thus index.

First-page power might be just out of reach because of an intricate and overly complex site structure. Twinlight Marketing applies leading user experience (UX) data to make sure your site is up to date with the best practices and hits the SEO mark with search engines.

If your website is working against you, it’s time to invest in some technical SEO and top-quality content marketing. Twinlight Marketing have been in business for more than 11 years and modt of our clients are featured on the first page of Google for their applicable keywords.

The new websites we build are slick, sleek, easy to use, and do exactly what they are designed to do — bring you more business. And if you’re attached to your old website, we can help bring it up to date make sure it is both user and Google friendly.

We offer a range of packages including ongoing support and one-off services. If you have any questions, our dedicated account managers are on-hand to offer help and advice.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business thrive online through targeted SEO marketing that resonates with your client base.